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nermal [userpic]

Here she comes to wreck the day!

June 25th, 2009 (03:08 pm)

current location: Work - AGAIN!!
feeling: jubilant
singing: I wish...


GLORY BE! I discovered that the new album was due out soon on the radio this morning. I then proceeded to choke on my McDonald's orange juice and snort half of it out of my nose - eek. But, HOORAY! I cannot begin to tell you how I excited I am about this CD. Black Holes feels like forever ago and that's because it was f o r e v e r ago. It's about bloody time!

In other news, I may have wet myself from the excitement.

Just kidding.

Work is boring me to tears today because I am the only person in the office and even though I have a pile of crap to do, I'm not even looking at it because... I'm the only one in the office. Unless it's super urgent and I will get the sack if I don't get it done then I'm sort of just ignoring it. It's a good feeling, ignorning your workload, but at the same time I'm bored with no one to play with. When the hell does Jem finish exams so she can come back and entertain me?! Poo. But as always, I will think of the lovely amount of cash I'll be receiving next week for my efforts and all the bady badness will float away... ahhhhh.

Breaking News Just In : thenermal needs the bathroom.

For real this time.


nermal [userpic]

Slack - verb; avoid responsibilities and work, be idle

June 24th, 2009 (12:52 pm)

current location: Work - *sigh*
feeling: creative
singing: None - *sigh*

So... it's been a while! And when I say a while I really mean almost 2 years. Oops. I may have forgotten about my little journal but I am back now. HOORAY! All is well :-) I don't want to go into a massive rant about what's been happening in the last 2 years so I will just update you with the basics.

Name:                            thenermal
D.O.B:                             07/05/87 (that's 7th May NOT 5th July... Americans!)
Current Location:         Desk... at work
Hair:                                Brown
Eye:                                 Hazle
Height:                            Not sure
Weight:                           Also not sure
Occupation:                   Magician! But in reality, Franchise Support Administrator
B/F or G/F:                      B/F - 1 year 8 months - He enjoys sport, gambling and alcohol
Looking forward to:      Moving Out / Receiving my Tupperware order / HP and the HBP / Crows vs Swans this Saturday / An overseas holiday
Anxious about:              Moving Out / Being Poor / Being crap at my job / Not being able to go on an overseas holiday
Goals for 2009:            Start healthy eating plan / Exercise more / Have at least 3 DVD Marathon's / Get jeans taken up
Probable outcome:     Will continue unhealthy diet / Will exercise less / Will have at least 3 DVD Marathon's / Will forget to get jeans taken up

There you have it. I'm still living at home with the parentals, which isn't so bad but I feel I am at the stage where I would like my own space... and house. Currently waiting for my boyfriend's house to be built so we can leave the nest (we'll call him... RB :-) Am also attempting to save for an overseas trip with RB but at the rate we're saving, that probably won't happen before planes go into space *sigh*.

I can't remember the last time I read some good fic and quite frankly, I miss it. Reading until the wee hours of the morning, while looking at hundreds of photos of good looking celebrities was THE BEST! So my goal for this week is to read a fic (NOT one I have already read) and go from there. I'm rather excited.


nermal [userpic]

It's only been... a year!

July 29th, 2007 (11:14 pm)

current location: computer chair
feeling: tired
singing: none - how boring

I have been very lazy when it comes to updating my journal. So much so that my paid account expired without me realising it and I lost half my icons. Bollocks. I will fix that problem once I get a job because I am in the same situation that I was a year ago. Unemployed and poor. Alas, I shall hopefully find someone to hire me soon so I can start the slow and painful journey of saving for a car. Hooray! I will really pull my finger out this time and put money away. Really!

Although the last month and half has been rather depressing, I did find some things to smile about. For instance:

  • I bought and read the final Harry Potter book. Although I was extremely excited to read it (almost at the point of hyperventilating) it was more of a sad experience than a happy one now that I think about it. The series is over now. No more. So ignore this comment.
  • My trip to Sydney with Skeebs, Skeebs' Mum and Nixon on Wednesday. Once again a bit difficult with my lack of funds but I hopefully can survive on my tax return. As long as I can feed myself I should be ok....
  • Seeing The Shins on Saturday when we get back from Sydney. I can't believe how quickly it's arrived!
  • Knowing that I will be seeing My Chemical Romance in December because Jez bought me a ticket, which I will be paying her back for!
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - it was fast and a bit jumpy but man did it look good!
  • My new James McAvoy icon and Milo Ventimiglia layout courtesy of Jez - I'd hug you but I know you're not into that sort of thing.
  • The thought of getting my very own dog - I am seriously going to beg with everything I've got to get one!
  • Knowing that my buisness administration course will be finished earlier than expected! YAY!
  • The thought of getting my very own dog - just wanted to emphasize that idea!

I have no idea what I'm going to cook for tea tomorrow. We have no pasta bake sauce!   SHITE!

nermal [userpic]

the boy's bad news...

August 20th, 2006 (09:47 pm)

current location: Chair
feeling: blank
singing: cold december - matt costa

Ok. Serious entry drought. But I have not abandoned my journal. I have just been... preoccupied.

Job hunt.


Haven't been reading any slash lately (Gasp!)

Ohh, leave me alone!

nermal [userpic]


April 9th, 2006 (02:49 pm)

feeling: ecstatic
singing: catch the sun - jamie cullum

HOORAY FOR ME! Jamie Cullum on Thursday night was absolutely awesome! Jem had a great time too so that made me feel better. I wasn't sure what she was going to think of him.

Mark Sholtez opened and he wasn't too bad at all. Wore a shirt and tie like Jamie too, which was rather amusing.

Between Mark and Jamie there was a short intermission, which Jem and I used to scull a glass of wine. I was so excited that my legs wouldn't stop shaking so that was my excuse.

Then he came on stage and from the very start he had everyone going mental. He told us not to be polite and stand and dance when we wanted to. He had a black jacket, shirt and tie on but later took it off leaving a red T. He's so tiny! He opened with Twentysomething and with every song you could see and hear how talented he really is. He sounds brilliant live, he dances up and down the stage, he stands and sits on his piano. He played his guitar for London Skies and when Sebastian was walking around drumming everything in sight, Jamie took over his kit too.

He was cracking jokes all night and said sorry for keeping us from the Snoop Dogg concert. After that he would jump in and out of hip hop covers like Drop It Like It's Hot, Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me (saying 'Don't you wish your boyfriend was short like me!') and Gold Digger, which I managed to record a little bit of on my phone :)

His rendition of Rocketman was so beautiful I forgot where I was for a few minutes. The spotlight was just on him and his piano and the crowd was silent. Straight after he went into High and Dry and that was just as good.

He got us to sing along to Mind Trick and whistle along to Nothing I Do, which he said was about a very nasty break up (all the girls were very sympathetic about that part. He would cut in and out of songs to slap his piano and beatbox. In the middle of the show he got a single drum in the middle and just started bashing the crap out of it while the band did the same and blew whistles. He must be seriously fit for the amount of jumping around he does!

There was plenty more said and done but I can't even bloody remember now. You get so excited at a show you forget all the other good bits. But at the end he made everyone in the theatre stand up (so the grumpy guy next to me did as well) during what I think was I Could Have Danced All Night (I was laughing too much to remember, how lame is that!) Jem and I both had heels on so we were a little nervous but we weren't not going to join in. He said that on the count of three he wanted everyone to jump up and down with the beat and on 3 everyone in the theatre was jumping up and down. Young, old, male and female. We were 3 rows back on the balconi and as soon as I stopped to catch my breath, I fell forward because the floor was shaking so badly. It was the best feeling ever.

Much more happened and I had the best time but I'm a little blank at the moment. After the show we went round the side because my parents were parked back there to pick us up. This, of course, was where everyone was standing to meet him. I made my parents wait (even though my mum was not impressed because we all had to work the next day) but he eventually came out and was so sweet. He had photos with everyone who wanted them and gave hugs and kisses. We were near the end so when it started to rain we got nervous that he was going to leave. But I got my photo. I shared a joke with him, got a hug and a kiss and said thank you for a great night. He was so HOT!

So that's that for now. I just can't wait for him to come back. It was awesome!

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nermal [userpic]

jazz maverick...

April 2nd, 2006 (08:09 pm)

feeling: sore
singing: one of these things first - nick drake

I am so happy right now.

After many painful months of working with lunatics who throw out soft water bottles, monitor peoples yawning habits and eat tuna everyday... I have finally found another job, which I will be starting on April 18 - WEEEEEEEEEEE!

I've gone from selling furniture to being a receptionist for a lawyers office. I'm very pleased. No more working on weekends. No more half hour lunch breaks and no more cleaning glass for 5 hours a day. *happy sigh* I'm earning a little less cash but I am seriously not complaining. To get out of my current job I'd do anything... almost :S

I almost forgot that Jamie Cullum is this Thursday night. It's great when you forget about something and then it suddenly creeps up on you. So that's another thing to look forward to. Jamie Cullum is such a darling. Mwheheeeeeeeee. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

AND - Dave got me, Jem and Dro cheap tickets to see Ben Folds with the ASO in September. That is going to be soooo cool. Dave rules right now!

I have sore muscles from jumping around in my room. *sigh* dorky dork!

nermal [userpic]

all the children sing...

March 12th, 2006 (07:46 pm)

feeling: uncomfortable
singing: can't stop now - keane

I just spent a shit load of money on 3 Coldplay lithographs - MEEP! They are so cool though, so very cool. That's all I need to remember when I look at my bank balance *squirms*

Muggy weather is extremely uncomfortable. I was happier with the 31 degrees at 11:30pm yesterday. I'm sick of my pants sticking to my legs.

I'm not really in the mood to type much more. My mind keeps picturing the tiny bag of Kettle chips in the pantry and it's rather distracting.

I want to watch the 2nd UK Holiday tape. Jez, that means you have to watch it with me. Dork.

Looking forward to:
- Leaving my job (Oh God, let me get a new job!)
- Jamie Cullum on April 6 (HOORAY!)
- Coldplay on July 7 (HIP HIP HOORAY!)
- My Coldplay lithographs getting here
- Getting my P's


nermal [userpic]

a gift of thistle...

February 5th, 2006 (07:51 pm)

feeling: relieved
singing: goodbye sky harbour - jimmy eat world

My iPod is seriously cool. *hugs*

Hooray for my working weekend being over. Phew. It's so hard trying not to strangle yourself at work, it really is. I ate half my sandwhich at 1:30 but then it got busy and I had to come out and help. Didn't get back to it for nearly an hour. Stupid customers that don't listen to me anyway. Arrgghh!

Very proud of myself. Have booked every single driving lesson, starting in two weeks on Wednesday. I will have one every week but some are 2 hours, which counts as 2 lessons. Hopefully I pick it up really easily and don't have to carry my lessons on through April. Really ot holding my breath though.

Navin Chowdhry from Teachers is such a cutie patootie. So tiny. Mwheheheeeeeeeee.

Going walking tomorrow with iPod - if weather is not crap, if I wake up early enough and can really be bothered tomorrow.

Am going walking tomorrow.

nermal [userpic]

no i... doesn't

February 1st, 2006 (03:12 pm)

feeling: tired

Time to update quickly because I have been slack. Am currently at Jem's place after staying the night. Was exhausted at 11:00pm last night but ended up drinking wine and watching Futurama, Cheers and the extremely bad Save By The Bell with Dave. Eventually passed out at 3:00am. Today Jem and I bought lunch from Foodland and I successfully nagged this lady at a sunglasses stall to give me a cardboard poster of Charlie Hunnam looking extremely edible. She was very nervous about giving it to me though. "Don't you dare tell anyone I gave you this or show anyone! They can't think that I give away free sunglasses!". I just nodded and then skipped away. Didn't even have to pay anything for it. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Mmmmmmm Charlie Hunnam.

Am extremely tired. Wanted to keep watching Futurama but Jem and new boyfriend Mathias started smooching on the couch, which a) grossed me out and then b) made me uncomfortable and want to bugger off. Have decided to leave early to leave them alone so I can go buy stuff in town. Hooray for me. Also, getting ride home with Jamie so I don't need to catch the train. WOOT.

It's my working weekend this week. *sobs* I don't wanna.

Don't want to seem anti-social. Must remind self to ring religious guy for driving lessons. Must, must, must.

nermal [userpic]

why do today what you can do tomorrow...

January 8th, 2006 (01:51 pm)

feeling: pleased
singing: el none

It's a really fucking hot day today and I have to do my washing. *sigh* Why do I always let it pile up and up and up until everything is crumpled and has cat fluff all over it? I have a lazy problem. I'm hoping that if I can wash everything today that was squashed in the bottom of my wardrobe, I might find my keys. They have been missing since Christmas. I really want to find them. I put my Beatles keyring on there. Bloody hell.

In other not-so-exciting news, skiptotheend and I are home by ourselves until the 16th of January (I think). The Old Ones have gone on holiday to Vanuatu, the bastards. Not that I'm jealous or anything. They thought we wouldn't be able to hack it on our but I think we're going quite well. Jez made tea last night and we both went food shopping today. Bought a lot of crap we didn't need and ended up spending more than we should have but we still did it. I'm pleased.

Have been enjoying spending most of my money on DVD's and other things but have now set a goal for myself. I shall save up first to buy an iPod and then I will start saving for a car. I'll need one for when I eventually do get my license. So I'll cut back on my random internet spending and maybe by one extra thing per pay (which I get fortnightly). I think that's fair... for myself. :)

Undeclared the box set and The Mighty Boosh season 1 are on their way. HOORAY! The Mighty Boosh season 2 is getting shipped seperately. Bastards...... but HOORAY!

I want to start making more icons. I need to learn how to use Photoshop. Bugger. Help me Jez!

First load done. Oh yay.

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